Thursday, January 19, 2006

My agenda, (yes sorry summer i just had to copy you!)

as i said in my title i just try and compete with the comedy and updating as summer's blog. (her blog link is on the right side) here is MY agenda

Monday Mornings(as a school day......we think)

7:30 try and wake up
7:32 wake up
7:35 try and take shower (sub pump is broken.......ruin sub pump even more and take shower)
7:45 get out of shower and run up stairs
7:50 still can't figure out what to wear
7:52 put on some clothes
7:55 realize that i still haven't woken up sacha and micha
8:00 wake them up
8:01 wake them up again
8:10 make micha breakfast
8:15 play the piano
8:20 get yelled at by micha to hurry up
8:21 ready and waiting for micha to get ready
8:24 leave for school

Thats just my morning if i continued for the rest of the day i think all of my bandwith would be used up!!!


Blogger Summer Debreuil said...

Wow i didn't think one person alone could do so much waking up!! keep up the blog!

P.S. %^) like the smily?

7:46 PM

Blogger Shalyn said...

wow, thats good're quite busy in the morning...don t you sometimes feel like getting micha and sasha a big alarm clock??

8:14 PM


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