Saturday, January 14, 2006

A little about me!

Hello there!
My name is Ariana Shawn Debreuil. I am in grade 7 in Miami School.
i love baseball and running and volleyball, i enjoy others but those are just my favorite! Please leave a comment, because then it looks like somebody actually goes to this blog!!!



Blogger Summer Debreuil said...

nice blog i like base ball to this is the first time i commented on a blog blah blah blah

6:45 PM

Blogger sacha said...

go eat poop, then sucka cow... then i can beat u up w. a water bottle (if ur not anna then this won't make sense and will seem rather wierd) lol

7:52 PM

Blogger ari101 said...

ur blog is coool

5:55 PM

Blogger Ariana said...

you have my name.

10:10 AM


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