Thursday, January 19, 2006

Decision Dice

Meet my decision dice, thier name kind of explains them. But what i dont get about them is that on the orange 'die' it says 'up to you' which kind of defeats the pourpose of "decision dice". i bet your wondering where i got them.....mabey not.....i got them from a little birdie in Gibsons, B.C...........birdie not ringing a bell?........Cicily my 2nd cousin!


Blogger True's blog said...

loving the blog, kiddo, it's really great! i really like your stories and photos, specially the sticky tape eyes. that musta been fun to take off.
you are lucky, getting to go to san diego! and maybe six flags with summer! wow!
have you got your pressies yet?

2:27 PM

Blogger Sandy Debreuil said...

Hey Anna,
Keep up the blog, it looks great!
Put up more pics of your sewing projects.

8:18 PM

Blogger joyce said...

I'd love to see some of your sewing projects too!

6:11 PM


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