Tuesday, February 07, 2006

long time no see!

hello it has been a long time since i have updated my blog so i guess i will put in lots of pictures, things that have been happening.

-----this is a picture of my 'spring parfait' of course its not spring yet but we are hoping that it comes soon. this is the recipie. (bottom to top, comma ',' indicates next layer )

-flavored yougurt, cooked oats, fresh fruit,etc.etc.

this next pic is of the charm bracelet that Carm sent me, on summers blog she has a matching red one. i ill be going down to San Diego soon (hopefully) if my passport comes. i am hoping i will make it down there before the 17 of Feb.!!!!!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (4) me and micha went and saw it in theaters last saturday. it wasn't bad, except that harry never seems to be clean, whenever they have a closeup of his face its always dirty.....i cant find a picture that isn't copyrighted but this is a link to one of the scenes on the movie http://images.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http://www.hpanaimages.com/GoF/Movie-Images/88.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.forumfree.net/%3Ft%3D3703941%26view%3Dgetlastpost&h=1397&w=2100&sz=582&tbnid=9QQc-AvsJTHEIM:&tbnh=99&tbnw=150&hl=en&start=68&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dharry%2Bpotter%2Bgoblet%2Bof%2Bfire%26start%3D60%26svnum%3D10%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26sa%3DN sorry its so long........

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Decision Dice

Meet my decision dice, thier name kind of explains them. But what i dont get about them is that on the orange 'die' it says 'up to you' which kind of defeats the pourpose of "decision dice". i bet your wondering where i got them.....mabey not.....i got them from a little birdie in Gibsons, B.C...........birdie not ringing a bell?........Cicily my 2nd cousin!

Bird houses......

wow! that bird house looks better in the picture then it does in real life! so im guessing why on earth i would i be putting up a pictue of a stinkin birdhouse! trust me, im wondering the exact same thing!but the story behind that bird house is this:

Our class has home ec (i.a.) and our last section was woodworking! Quelle Suprise! But any ways, we made bird houses, and this is mine. Mom has already seemed to take it and now its hers! .....apperently.....

My agenda, (yes sorry summer i just had to copy you!)

as i said in my title i just try and compete with the comedy and updating as summer's blog. (her blog link is on the right side) here is MY agenda

Monday Mornings(as a school day......we think)

7:30 try and wake up
7:32 wake up
7:35 try and take shower (sub pump is broken.......ruin sub pump even more and take shower)
7:45 get out of shower and run up stairs
7:50 still can't figure out what to wear
7:52 put on some clothes
7:55 realize that i still haven't woken up sacha and micha
8:00 wake them up
8:01 wake them up again
8:10 make micha breakfast
8:15 play the piano
8:20 get yelled at by micha to hurry up
8:21 ready and waiting for micha to get ready
8:24 leave for school

Thats just my morning if i continued for the rest of the day i think all of my bandwith would be used up!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Pretty Girl!!

This picture was taken about 4 minutes ago, in Sunny Miami Manitoba! This picture turned out better then i thought. The reason im putting this piture up is because i want to make all of our San Diego Family, oh, so jealous. Yeah, im sure that will happen when probably as we speak sitting in a hot tub drinking lemonade!
Whats funny about this picture is that in the background thier is a wagon, not just any wagon, but 'the wagon' this wagon has been passed around for about, lets see, 6 or 7 years, now that the other half of the Debreuil family moved away to San Diego, we inherited it!again! not mentioning all the other stuff they left here! but, what a coincidence, we love it!!!! By the way , your ''Hot n' Horney'' is sitting right in our fridge waiting for you guys to take him home!!!lol..

What a joy!

This picture represents me about 3 nights from christmas all excited, and surley enough me and sacha discovered a new FULL roll of christmas wrapping tape, boy was that fun, but what the picture doesnt shou is sacha taking the picture with tape also all over her face, done by yours truley.

My Life in Miami Manitoba

sorry i haven't posted in a while i've been busy with school and piano, of course as not as busy as my cousins in San Diego having about 1 hour of homework a night!! speaking of them i'm going to go and visit them soon,.......hopefull, if the stupid passport people will let my grandparents take it in.....god , thier stupid (the passport people lol!)im planning to go to San Deigo in Feburary some time for about 2 or 3 weeks, hopefully, that would be quite fun! i hear they have a huge school and a LOT of kids that would be quite interesting to adapt to that type of school the link to thier school website is below.


Saturday, January 14, 2006

A little about me!

Hello there!
My name is Ariana Shawn Debreuil. I am in grade 7 in Miami School.
i love baseball and running and volleyball, i enjoy others but those are just my favorite! Please leave a comment, because then it looks like somebody actually goes to this blog!!!